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8th BCtA Annual Forum 2018 Technological Disruption in the World...

12 Sep 2018 -   The countdown is on to Business Call to Action's Annual Forum 2018! The theme this year is on Technological Disruption in the World of...

Water-free toilet improving sanitation and saving lives worldwide

06 Sep 2018 -  An innovative and environmentally-friendly toilet with no need for flushing water solves sanitation problems while lifting living standards in...

‘Superfood’ moringa transforming lives of female farmers around...

06 Sep 2018 - Nutrient-rich moringa plant becomes superfood sensation while creating work and reducing malnutrition among farmers in West Africa and around the...

Re-Post: Interview with Vava Angwenyi, founder of Vava Coffee

16 Jul 2018 - This interview was originally conducted by Azao, a consulting company dedicated to developing operational solutions to the societal challenges...


RT : How are using tech-based solutions to tackle global poverty https://t.co/tIExhNpyG9

1 day 18 hours ago

RT : We are excited to attend the 8th annual Forum, taking place alongside the , in NYC on 28 Sep… https://t.co/f9e5qLQqrn

1 day 18 hours ago

Keynote speaker + head of + Jack Sim argues that digital technology can be used… https://t.co/mOCxIeGJqV

2 days 9 hours ago