2014AnnualReview The 2014 Annual Review provides an overview of BCtA activities for the year.
Download: English
AnnualReviewCover The 2013 Annual Review provides an overview of BCtA activities for the year.
Download: English
AnnualReportPic The 2012 Annual Review provides an overview of BCtA activities for the year.
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ChecklistJan2015 Creating willingness to pay: strategies to cultivate demand among Base of the Pyramid consumers: English
ChecklistNov2014 Can you count what counts? How to tally numbers reached at the Base of the Pyramid: English


KenyaHealthCaseStudy Building an Inclusive Business Ecosystem in Health: Tackling Child Mortality in Kenya case study looks at the inclusive business ecosystem that involves public and private stakeholders in order to increase awareness of and access to ORS and zinc for treating childhood diarrhea in Kenya. Download: English
ImpactReportCover The Breaking Through: Inclusive Business and the Business Call to Action Today flagship report shows how BCtA’s 94 initiatives have progressed so far, and how inclusive businesses are benefiting the poor while being commercially sustainable. Download: English
AnnualForumCover Business Call to Action Annual Forum 2014 Summary Report highlights the themes and messages discussed on 24 September 2014, during the Fifth Annual Forum in New York City. The forum took place in conjunction with the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and the Secretary-General’s United Nations Climate Summit. Download: English
AgReportCover Is Finance the Primary Binding Constraint for Smallholder Farmers? report is based upon virtual discussions, which focused on the challenges and opportunities smallholder farmers face in accessing finance. Beyond financing, this report examines other challenges in working with smallholders who are part of large-scale agricultural value chains, based on the outcomes of the event and individual interviews with Business Call to Action member companies. Download: English
HousingReport Housing at the Base of the Pyramid in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities report is based on the themes and messages discussed during the Business Opportunities in Housing for the Base of the Pyramid event held in São Paulo, Brazil on 2 September 2013. This report is a collaborative effort between Business Call to Action (BCtA) and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) Brazil Chapter. Download: English
EnergyReport_Cover Unlocking the Potential of Sustainable Energy for All highlights themes and messages from a virtual discussion, held between companies that are developing energy solutions in low-income markets. The report is published in collaboration with the Business Innovation Facility (BIF) and Innovations Against Poverty (IAP). Download: English
The BCtA Enhancing Value through Inclusive Business Strategies outlines major discussion points from a workshop on the topic of creating scalable inclusive business models convened by the BCtA on 21 September 2011. Download: English
The BCtA Resource Guide: Inclusive Business and Agriculture includes key practical information for companies. Download: English
The BCtA Resource Guide: Inclusive Business and Energy includes key practical information for companies. Download: English
The BCtA Resource Guide: Inclusive Business and Health includes key practical information for companies. Download: English
The BCtA Results Reporting Framework is a simple framework for helping member companies measure and assess progress toward their BCtA commitments. Download: English
Overcoming the Barriers to Inclusive Business Growth Workshop Report outlines major discussion points from a half-day seminar convened by the BCtA to discuss challenges commonly linked with the conception and execution of pro-poor inclusive business initiatives. Download: English
The BCtA, in partnership with IBLF and Accenture Development Partners, released Barriers to Progress:  A Review of Challenges and Solutions to Inclusive Business Growth which outlines key challenges and solutions for businesses working at the intersection of business and development. Download:  English
Delivering Results: Moving Towards Scale highlights the best practices, lessons learnt and challenges that companies face when developing inclusive business models. Download:  English


The Innovations that Improve Lives brochure provides readers with an introduction to the BCtA. Download: English | Português


The BCtA fact sheets provide an overview of the BCtA and various initiatives from around the world. Download: BCtA Fact Sheet | BCtA Africa Fact Sheet | BCtA India Fact Sheet


BCtA offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about the global leadership platform, membership eligibility, and the benefits of joining. Download: 中文 | English | Português


Across industries and sectors, companies have launched new and innovative initiatives designed to spread growth, prosperity, and opportunity around the globe. See a list of the member company initiatives that currently make up the BCtA. Download: English


Company initiatives must meet a strict set of criteria before they can be admitted as members to the BCtA. Read more about membership eligibility. Download: English


Innovations in Action, the BCtA case studies series, provides readers with a practical overview of member company initiatives.Download Zip File of Case Studies: 中文 | English | Français | Português


BCtA has produced a Resource Guide series with practical sector specific information on inclusive business.Download Zip File of Resource Guides: English


BCtA initiatives deliver real results that impact the lives of poor people around the globe. Read our success stories to learn how. Download Zip File of Success Stories: English | Français



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