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Barefoot Power


Providing Access to Renewable Energy

Barefoot Power is a global, social for-profit enterprise that manufactures and distributes solar phone charging, lighting products and business development services to people at the base of the global economic pyramid. Barefoot Power has impacted the lives of 1 million people in over 20 countries by supplying solar powered lights, home lighting systems, and phone charging solutions. Through a diverse distribution strategy including global importers to micro franchises, Barefoot Power reaches the most remote communities.

Over 1.5 billion people lack access to electricity and Barefoot Power is on a mission, to bring affordable renewable energy and efficient lighting to 5 million people by 2013 and 10 million people by 2015 and help eradicate energy poverty.  How will they do that?  By bringing electricity to millions of people that currently use kerosene lighting and walk far for phone and battery charging, they plan on reversing the traditional process of rural electrification while reducing the global carbon footprint.

Barefoot Power is funded through a diverse group of investors and the European Union. Learn more about their products, distribution models and financing opportunities at


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