ToughStuff produces solar-powered high performance, durable and affordable energy solutions for the developing world. Photo Credit: ToughStuff

Reaching the Last Mile with Solar Energy

More than 1.4 billion people live without access to electricity. Off-grid communities rely on alternatives such as kerosene and candles which provide low light, emit noxious fumes killing 1.5 million people each year through respiratory illness, and produce almost 25 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

ToughStuff – a solar-powered energy solution provider – seeks to address this challenge by providing over 33 million people in 11 countries in Africa including South Sudan and 3 countries in Asia – Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India – gain access to the company’s solar products, including solar panels, solar batteries, and solar lights. Through ToughStuff’s innovative Business in a Box model, ToughStuff will help up to 10,000 village-level entrepreneur’s start-up their own business selling, renting, or providing services using ToughStuff products. Through this unique approach, ToughStuff will be able to reach their core consumers – those in rural communities that do not have access to electricity.

To date, over one million Africans have purchased ToughStuff’s products.


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