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Improving Barley Supply Chains

In India, barley is not a priority crop for many farmers. However, barley is a key ingredient in beer and other products that SABMiller India produces.  To get the quality and quantity of barley grain needed for beer production, the beverage maker began investing in the local barley supply chain in Rajasthan, India.

In 2008, SABMiller joined the Business Call to Action with its commitment to promote sustainable livelihoods for smallholder barley farmers; improve the quality of locally grown barley; and establish centers throughout key barley-growing areas in India to provide farmers with certified seeds, agricultural skills training, and technical assistance. This initiative directly benefits 8,000 small-scale farmers who have become part of the company’s supply chain and provides SABMiller with a sustainable source of high-quality grains for its core business operations.

Case Studies

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SABMiller: Improving Local Production of Barley in India

SABMiller, through its BCtA initiative, is working to develop and improve local supply chains for barley, a key ingredient for the company’s products, in Rajasthan, India. In this BCtA case study, learn more about how the company is helping to promote sustainable social and economic development in this rural community.

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