Why Join?

BCtA provides a high-visibility leadership platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to development:

  • Association with a global brand that represents leadership, impact and innovation.
  • Opportunities to profile company initiatives and showcase results at high-level events, as well as through BCtA-initiated marketing, press and online initiatives.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the evidence base for inclusive business, influencing policy at the global and country levels.
  • Assistance, validation and dissemination of results from the company’s inclusive business model.

BCtA supports initiative development and impact measurement:

  • Strategic assistance in identifying and developing company initiatives.
  • Guidance on developing results measurement frameworks that capture economic, social, and environmental impacts of initiatives.
  • Validation and dissemination of initiative results in national, regional and international platforms.

BCtA offers a community of practice:

  • Linkages between businesses, knowledge partners, funders, policy makers, and other resources to increase scale and improve effectiveness of member initiatives.
  • Opportunities to share knowledge and best practices at trainings and workshops.
  • Access to leading experts and cutting-edge information on inclusive business.



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