How to Join

Companies interested in joining BCtA should submit an application form that provides an outline for an inclusive business initiative. The application should provide clear goals for how the initiative will:

  • Incorporate a fresh approach to business for the company by expanding, replicating or accelerating an existing initiative or developing a new program that is clearly linked to core operations;
  • Provide economic and sustainable development benefits by, for instance, providing the poor with access to financial services, access to healthcare, employment within the company’s supply chain, education and training, or new business opportunities;
  • Generate measurable results.

Initiatives may vary in size or duration, but all must meet a ‘shared value’ requirement, in terms of both supporting achievement of sustainable development goals and contributing to business goals.

There is no fee for membership. The only requirement of membership is that the member report on the results of the initiative annually.

Submit an application.

To download eligibility requirementsEnglish

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